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Summer camps/schools/mentors

The most destructive habit......Worry
The greatest joy.....Giving
The greatest loss.........Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work.........Helping others
The ugliest personality trait.......Selfishness
The most endangered species........Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource........Our youth
The greatest "shot in the arm....Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome.....Fear
The most effective sleeping pill.........
Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease....Excuses
The most powerful force in life......Love
The most dangerous pariah...........A gossiper
The world's most incredible computer.......
The brain
The worst thing to be without....... Hope
The deadliest weapon............The tongue
The two most power-filled words......."I Can"
The greatest asset............Faith
The most worthless emotion.......Self-pity
The most beautiful attire................SMILE!
The most prized possession..........Integrity
The most powerful channel of communication.......Prayer
The most contagious spirit...........Enthusiasm
~Author unknown~

Summer Camps /  Schools/ Mentor
Non & Residential Schools & Programs
Military Schools
Boarding Schools
Boot Camps
Volunteer Opportunities
Summer Activities
Learning Centers

Tips For Choosing A Summer Camp
Ann Cathcart, The Learning Camp - Sound advice on choosing a summer camp program for the child with learning disabilities from a mother who knows!

Summer Schools/Camps & Programs

The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD)
Summer Camp Resources 2004

Summer Camp Alternatives

Keeping Summer Boredom at Bay

Schwab Learning Summer Camps for Kids with
Learning Disabilities or ADHD

Teen Options
Help in assessing the needs of troubled teens and finding programs that can help them

Success Oriented Achievement Realized (SOAR) features success-oriented, high adventure camp programs for LD, ADHD and ADD preteens, teens and adults. Programs are available in the summer, winter, spring and fall seasons. SOAR specializes in learning disability summer Camps and LD summer camps for both youth and adults.

The Learning Camp
The Learning Camp is a unique summer camp that focuses on helping children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other learning challenges. We help to build the self esteem and confidence that is needed to cope in their academic world. Our program blends academic tutoring with the wonderful adventures that can be found in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Camp Nuhop
A summer camp for children with learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and attention deficit disorders. (Ohio & Colorado)

Good Things Happening In Kentucky
Growing For Carter County, Inc ... for children in the community, ranging from sports to the summer reading program to enrichment programs to special camps ...

Summer Programs
Ky Dept of Fish and Wildlife
Calendar of Events

Special events
Points Of Interest
Great for field trips, or just for fun family outings
24 Ashland Area
Ashland, Olive Hill, Greenup, Louisa, Grayson, & Sandy Hook,Ky

University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service
... 4-H Youth Development. Community & Economic Development ... many of the programs available through Extension ... Ky. The course is being sponsored by Boyd, Carter, Greenup and Lawrence County ...

Lexington Ky Family Summer Camp Directory 2004

Learning Centers

21st Century Community Learning Centers 1998 Awards By State

NON Residential Independent Living center

Independence First
The Resourse For People With Disabilities
IndependenceFirst is a non-residential Independent Living Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with an expertise in effectively accessing, consulting and providing services to individuals with ... and other service providers to attend IEP meetings) ... for services for disabled allowed to advance ... Intended for lawyers, judges, disability professionals, advocates, and law ...

Residential Schools

Does My Child Need Residental Treatment
Many of us are coping with kids who exhibit challenging behaviors. Despite the headaches of parenting; we as parents want to do everything that we possibly can to help our child. But when is enough, just that, enough? One of the most difficult and heartbreaking decisions a family can make is to decide that residential treatment is needed for their child.

Residential Schools & Programs

Aspen Education Group - Help for today, hope for tomorrow!

For over 20 years, Aspen Education Group has specialized in educating, counseling and motivating youth with ADHD and special learning needs.

We offer outstanding schools and programs for adolescents and young adults with ADHD.  Aspen is your source for summer programs, specialized schools, and weight loss camps.  We address the behavioral and emotional needs of each child in a safe and structured environment. Here's how to learn more about our wide range of programs:

Please Visit

for information on schools and programs for ages 10 to 25

for summer camp options for youth ages 8 to 17

for weight loss camps for boys and girls age 10 to 15 and girls age 16 to 23

You can also call (888) 972-7736 to speak with an Aspen Call Center Representative.

Specializing in ADHD

Stone Mountain School is a long-term residential school in an outdoors environment specializing in pre-adolescent and teenaged boys with behavioral problems such as ADD and ADHD. Students live with their peer groups in rustic campsites supervised by trained staff and they learn, through direct experience, how to take responsibility for their actions. Talk to a program representative for more information.

Excel Academy combines academic seriousness with a full curriculum and counseling approach designed for children struggling with self-defeating behaviors such as ADD and ADHD. The program is highly structured with a schedule that includes group therapy and personal growth. Talk to a program representative for more information.

The SUWS Youth Program excels at treating the underlying issues causing negative behavior rather than merely treating the symptoms. It is one of the oldest experiential outdoor wilderness programs in the country addressing the needs of adolescents. Talk to a program representative for more information.

Our Assessment Test can help you determine if a residential program might be best for your particular child.

Boys Village
residential treatment, day treatment, foster care and alternative school programs

Bridges Treatment Center
residential care for children and adolescents.
Childrens Comprehensive Services
Offers educational day treatment, residential services, correctional facilities and psychiatric hospitalization in 14 states.
Copper Hills Youth Center
residential treatment.
provides specialized residential treatment services and a comprehensive range of treatment programs and educational services to help families.

Federation for Children with Special Needs
A listing of day & residential summer camp programs prepared by
the federation for Children with Special Needs


Peer Resources- A Comprehensive List of Mentor Programs
A list of thousands of mentor programs with descriptions of how they work and who to contact

Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools
Our youth program for the 10-13 year old always take into consideration the unique needs of this age group. Issues like safety, consistency and clarity underscore the programs overall therapeutic regimen. ... as having learning disabilities or ADHD. These students tend ... Staff teach and mentor basic living skills while ... summer treatment programs for overweight children and young adults ...

What is the difference between a traditional and therapeutic boarding school?

Teen Options
Helping parents-looking to send their teen to
boarding school.

Boot Camps

Juvenile Boot Camps- Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

Boot Camps for Kids
Military schools, Christian boot camps, and other options for troubled teens. "When it comes to seeking help for a child in danger it is better to have sought help a little too early than a little too late."

Boot Camps For Teens
Free Resource Catalog of Boot Camps and Programs

Military Schools

Is Military School The Right Choice for a Troubled Teen?

Military Schools 4 Defiant Youth


Online since 1995, is the Internet's most comprehensive resource guide and directory of day camps, overnight camps, special needs camps, sport camps, special interest camps, art camps, family camps, camps for rent/lease, and more! Let help you outfit your summer camper! Looking for a summer job? Visit, the online source for summer staff opportunities. is a Business Partner of the American Camping Association.
Great summer camps are easy to find at! Our online summer camp directory has detailed information on day camps & overnight camps everywhere. Whether you're looking for a traditional camp or specialty camps ranging from academics to zoology, we can help. Let, the official site of Frost's Summer Camp Guide be your guide!

Teen Assistance Resource Center
Get help for your defiant teen boy or girl now. Click here for free information on boarding schools, boot camps, youth facilities and residential treatment programs, or call toll-free 24/7.
Helping parents of troubled youth find
placement out of the home

Summer Camps & Programs
Focus Adolescent Services
Summer camps and programs for teens that incorporate experiential learning to promote social and emotional health. ... Summer Camps and Programs. Go to your state's Family Helppage for more resources. ... boys and girls, ages 6-13, with ADD, ADHD, LD, OCD and similar behavioral challenges ...

ADHD Summer Camps
ADHD summer camps for boys, girls, children, kids, youth, teens, juveniles in the US and Canada including camp jobs. Summer camps directory including learning disabilities.

Summer Camp & Other Program Ideas for Children
with LD and/or ADHD
Summer Camp and Other Summer Program Ideas for Children with LD and/or ADHD This site offers valuable information about finding the right program for LD and ADHD children including summer camps, ... 

National Directory

Camps Directory

Learning Disabilities OnLine
Summer camp and other summer program ideas for children with
LD and/or ADHD

College Prep & Junior Boarding Schools

Financing for summer camp tuition.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities
... five counties (Elliott, Carter, Greenup, Boyd, & Rowan, Ky) with 70 ... acres at Beauty, KY in Martin County. This main ... Tuesday evening adult/youth programs (adult Bible studies, children's ...

Habitat for Humanity -by State


Adhd Professional Yellow Pages

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