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Med Talk


Adhd conditions can only be managed; not cured and although sometimes these children's symptoms subside with age, often they remain into adulthood.

Ask the Dr. about the drug
Read the Drug Information that comes with the prescription
Talk to the Pharmacist
Check out the Internet
Go to the Library
Read /Ask
          what it is used for
          how to take it
          side effects
          drug interactions
          notes--such as wear or carry an id stating you are taking this med
          missed dose

The Misuse and Abuse of Stimulant Medication:
What Do We Know?

Now is designed to help parents, kids, and school personnel become more informed about ADHD and appropriate use of stimulant medications.

Using Medicine for ADHD


Monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of a child's treatment is one of the most important things parents can do to help their child succeed.
by Dr.David Rabiner, Ph.D. Duke University

Getting Kids To Take Medicine

Administering Medications

Attention Research Update

** Special Report on Medication Treatment **

I wrote this report to provide parents, professionals, and educators with research based information on maxmimizing the benefits of stimulant medication treatment for ADHD. This report is not advocating medication as a treatment for any individual - such decisions are best made by parents in consultation with their child's healthcare provider. Instead, the focus of this report is on highlighting research-based strategies for maximizing the value of such treatment in situations where parents and professionals have decided that it is an appropriate option.

You can request a free copy at

Support for distributing this article is provided by McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals. You can request a free CD or DVD from McNeil that illustrates the benefits of multimodal ADHD treatment at

David Rabiner, Ph.D.
Duke University


If you have ever had a teacher suggest that your child has add/hd
and urges you to seek a medical evaluation or that they should be
on meds I suggest that you read this
The Rising Sentiment Against Stimulant Drugs for ADD/HD
Immunize Your Child Against Attention Deficit Disorder
By Fred A.Baughman Jr., M.D.
He states among other things
"Any state attempt to regulate a child's behavior through chemical means, absent exigent circumstances, is a violation of the United States Constitution and should not be allowed."
Read the whole article at


MGH study supports protective effect of stimulant treatment for ADHD
January 6,2003
Meta-analysis shows medication treatment decreases risk of future substance abuse



ADHD: Getting Help
Can anything cure adhd
How do stimulants help ADHD
Do any other medicines help

Steps To Better Learning Without Ritalin

Internet Mental Health
Information on meds used for ADD/HD

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