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Home Schooling Resources

Homeschooling is not about doing every
page or every problem. 
Homeschooling is about imparting
knowledge and learning skills.
Take a look at your lesson plans and
your accomplishments. Evaluate
what is going well and what is not
going so well.
If the child can show that he/she
grasps the concept then you can
move ahead.
Successful homeschooling is
figuring out what works for
YOUR home and YOUR child.

"Parents are their children's first and most influential
teachers. What parents do to help their children learn
is more important to academic success than how well
off the family is."

--U.S. Department of Education, "What Works: Research
About Teaching and Learning"

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one
Excepting February alone:
Which hath but twenty-eight, in fine,
Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.

Good-Start Strategies

                   Homeschooler's Notebook
     A Free E-Mail Newsletter for Homeschooling Families

It's a real challenge and a big responsibility. So you want to
use every available resource to teach your children what
they'll need to know. That's where "Homeschooler's Notebook"
comes in. It's full of ideas, tools and encouragement. And
it's free!

Just send a blank


Setting Up A Schedule
Here are some things to consider when setting up your schedule.

Setting Up A School Area
With whatever space you have available, establish a school area and set up your supplies to be easily accessible and organized.

Home Schooling Kids with Disabilities

Homeschool Record Keeping
Your records can be as simple as a daily journal or as elaborate as a purchased computer program or notebook system. 

10 Reasons For Keeping Records
by Barbara Edtl Shelton

How To Keep Records For Your Homeschooled Child
It is important to keep good records of your child's homeschooled years.  Stay on top of your record keeping so that if you ever decide to put your child in school, everything will be in order.

Homeschoolers Network Support Group
Site dedicated to Homeschooling families, find Homeschooling information, resources and support here.

Military Homeschooling FAQ's

                         Bright Kids

Do you care about the educational development of the kids in
your life? We do. That's why we think you'll enjoy reading
this free ezine. "Bright-Kids" will provide articles and tips
for fun and easy learning activities, crafts, homework helps
and general ideas for involving yourself in simple ways with
your child's educational development. Whether the children in
your life are in public school, private school or home school,
you'll find something practical to supplement and enrich their
home and school experiences.

To subscribe to this free twice-a-month email resource, simply
send an email containing any message to:


Homeschool Free Stuff Newsletter
 Its a weekly newsletter. Every week, all kinds of free stuff for homeschoolers.

              PIANO IS EASY! Kids 4-12 love it!

Put the numbered stickers on your piano and you're ready to

A great way to get kids started playing piano.

Kids read sheet music with our FREE book, I CAN READ MUSIC!

FREE ebook, plus FREE VHS video too!

Visit and see all the fun
songs you can play!

The Learning Planet!
Activities by age.

The Five Minute Parent website
As parents, we all wish we had more time to spend with our children, right?
The Five Minute Parent website, where you will find more creative ways to spend the time you already have!

With the Right Tools,
Any Grade 7-12 Student Can Achieve
Awesome Grades in Math and Science

If you're looking for success in grades 7-12 math and
science, look no further than "Awesome Grades in Math
and Science" by Anita Delmar, B.Sc., B.Ed.

This program gives students dozens of practical methods,
strategies, and resources that guide them to math and
science achievement, step-by-step.

Click here to learn more:

Surfing the Net with Kids Newsletter
Barbara J. Feldman
get your own free subscription at: 
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

Brain Train's cognitive training software is used in all 50 states and over 20 countries to help children with ADHD develop their attention, learning, and memory skills.  You can download Free trial versions of Brain Train's software and see for yourself why it is so popular with parents, educators, and professionals by visiting the Brain Train web site

Simple Family Field Trip Ideas

Activity-School Days Accessories
Make learning fun with these simple projects.

ART SAFETY and Your Child's Top 100 Web Sites
Over 2,000 free lessons

Google Directory

Softwear for students/schools-Save up to 80% is your place to find software and computer hardware for students, teachers and schools. Riverdeep, Mathsoft, Disney, Macromedia, Microsoft and more.

Homeschooling Methods
Information and resources for the different homeschooling methods. Learn about each one and find resources to meet your needs.

Homeschooling in the News
Read about homeschooling in the news. Keep informed of whats going on in the homeschooling world.

Homeschooling Support Groups
Looking for a support group? Find information about support groups and homeschooling organizations.

National Homeschooling Organizations
Contacts and links for National Homeschooling Organizations.

International Homeschool Organizations
Contacts and links for International Homeschooling Organizations.

Homeschooling 101
The basics for beginners

Homeschooling in the USA
State information

History Resources
History resources to enrich your homeschool history curriculum. Find information on U.S. history, world history, unit studies, and games.

Geography Resources
Resources to learn about Geography. Find geographical information and fun projects to make your homeschool learning more interesting.

Home Economics Resources
Home Economics links to enrich your homeschooling experience. Teach sewing, cooking, manners, candlemaking and how to dry flowers. Life skills are an important part of your children's education.

Drivers Ed Resources
Resources, articles and safety tips for teaching your homeschooled teen to drive.
Fine Arts Resources
Links to enrich your fine arts studies including topics such as art, drawing, music, and dance.
Language Arts Resources
Find resources to enhance your language arts program from learning phonics to writing research papers.
Math Resources
Math Resources to enhance your math curriculum and provide more practice.
Physical Ed/Health Resources
Resources, articles and tips for teaching Physical Education to your homeschooled student.
Science Resources
Science explorations and experiments to enlighten your students. Find science games, unit studies, experiments and the scientific method.
Unit Studies
Articles and ideas for unit studies, as well as online units. State unit studies and mini units created by your homeschooling guide.
Computers and the Internet Resources
Links to learn about computers, making webpages and computer programming. Learn about the dangers of the internet and how to protect your children.
Craft Fun
Craft links to make your homeschooling more fun! Find ideas for holidays or everyday.
Curriculum Resources
Curriculum sources for homeschooling. Information on choosing curriculum, publishers, unit studies, used curriculum and homeschool book suppliers.
Homeschooling Methods
Information and resources for the different homeschooling methods. Learn about each one and find resources to meet your needs.
Learning-How Do We Accomplish It?
Homeschooling and how children learn. What is learning and how do we accomplish it?
Research Resources on Homeschooling
Doing a paper on homeschooling or just want to do some research? Find research on homeschooling and resources to conduct your own research.
Special Needs/Challenges
Homeschooling under special circumstances. Homeschooling your special needs child, ADD, ADHD or gifted child. Homeschooling while traveling.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Benjamin Franklin teaches kids from kindergarten through 12th grade all about the Federal Government.

Frugal Homeschool Start Up

Free Environmental Publications

Christian Homeschoolers Educating Together

Daily Grammar


Home Schooling The Special Needs Child

Family Education. com

Online Resources
Special education information for parents and professionals including disability definitions,homeschooling,IEP, inclusion, special education laws and legislation, special education teacher ... Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a ... comprehensive federal civil-rights statute protecting the rights of people with ...

IEP's and Developmental Assessment Resources
Illinois Christian Home Educators is a not-for-profit Christian organization composed of families dedicated to the success of home education in Illinois. ... school districts, but homeschooling families who want to learn about the IEP and write their own ...

Air Force Crossroads / Education
Homeschooling. Getting Started. General. College & Homeschooling. Law. State Resources ... Facts About Assistive Technology and the IEP. States your rights to assistive technology ...

Homeschooling Special Challenges-ADD, LD, Gifted

Homeschooling a child with special needs is not a question of legality. As a parent of a child with special needs, you can receive special services from your school district at no further cost -- you have already paid for them with your taxes. This includes speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, audiologists' and social workers' services. These are all covered by Public Law 94-142.
Complete Record Info
Special Ed.Law a review and analysis


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